Panorama, Ray Adams and lots more

A few loosely assembled thoughts based on the Panorama allegations surrounding a Murdoch firm using a hacking site to bring down a commercial rival:

– One of the key characters in this story is Ray Adams. Ray Adams is a very interesting man, with a very colourful past.

– Adams, in a former life, was a Commander in the Metropolitan Police who was involved in the Stephen Lawrence murder inquiry. Chapter 31 of William Macpherson’s report into the Lawrence murder details suspicions held by the Lawrence family about Adams’s alleged links with Clifford Norris (gangster and father of Lawrence murderer David Norris) and criminal Kenneth Noye. Macpherson noted that Adam’s evidence had “strange features” to it.

– on March 16th this year The Guardian revealed a report into Ray Adams and corruption had been withheld from the Macpherson Inquiry by the Metropolitan Police.

– Going even further back, in July 1987, when Adams was being interviewed by police corruption investigators, his close associate DC Alan ‘Taffy’ Holmes shot himself. DC Holmes is the corrupt policeman Michael Gillard and Laurie Flynn claim in their book ‘The Untouchables’ was working with murdered private investigator Daniel Morgan to blow the whistle on corruption at Scotland Yard.

-Ray Adams left the Metropolitan Police on health grounds shortly after the Lawrence Murder and went on to become the head of security at NDS, who Panorama tonight alleged were working with a hacker to bring down a commercial rival of their parent company News Corp.

Given the links between Adams and police corruption, it seems likely he would have been known to ACs Hayman and Yates when they investigated the hacking scandal in 2006 and 2009 respectively. Before the Panorama programme tonight, the link between Adams and computer hacking had been reported by the Guardian in 2002. Did this not ring alarm bells?

We’ve already seen how the revolving door between Scotland Yard and Murdoch companies works over the past few months, Andy Hayman and Neil Wallis were the most intriguing names before tonight, but the addition of Ray Adams seems even more interesting.

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2 Responses to Panorama, Ray Adams and lots more

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  2. oliver koemmerling says:

    i could see the word SMUG on Giblings Head he tells lot of nonsense. in fact it was not NDS who told him about the hack it was him who told NDS about the hack i attach the mail Ray send to me at that time in July 1999 she Lee announced that the hack on the PIC is coming.
    From: Sent: To: Subject:
    Adams, Ray [] Monday, July 12, 1999 2:12 PM
    FW: seca
    We are told that BLADE who is on
    is the person about to release the SECA hack. Who is blade?

    —–Original Message—–
    From: [] Sent: 11 July 1999 23:29
    Subject: seca
    i’ve got some information, that a complete hack will be posted (rom file for 16c84) for Seca on or around this thursday. This hack needs no keyupdates so should work for any seca system including on digital. Hope you’re well m8

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